Engineering Excellence… Introducing Sustainable Process Change.


My mentor always tells me, “play the long game" and he is spot on.
I think of change needing to be regulated and fed into teams at a sustainable pace, especially if you work in a large program with lots of WIP (another article in the making here).

Sustainable Change Management

You want to regulate change so you are supporting teams and not adding to the burden of WIP. Be it the introduction of the AWS well architected framework, accelerate metrics or stage gates. You want to break where you want to get to, into its most atomic form. You need to lay down a path and support your people to move past any inertia barriers.


Now how do you bring this change about? I was inspired recently by Elon Musk and his comments around his engineering process and lesson learned including when receiving a requirement or constraint, it must come from “a name not a department. That person who’s putting forward the requirement or the restraint must take responsibility for that requirement. Otherwise you could have a requirement that an intern two years ago randomly came up with off the cuff and they’re not even at the company any more”, adding that this “has happened several times.”

  • Establish touch points with engineering management.
  • Don’t forget the business, having your product owners onboard is mission critical. This isn’t IT for ITs sake.

Run Comms wide and support teams with needs to self monitor themselves.

Good luck!

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