Global Cloud-Native Platforms: Faster TTM, Reduce Operational Burden & Grow your Business!

Let me paint a picture:

Technology Approach Explained

  • Cloud Native — Cloud-native is an approach to building and running applications that exploit the advantages of the cloud computing delivery model. Cloud-native is about how applications are created and deployed, not where.
  • IAC (Infrastructure As Code) — I’m privileged to work with a strong team of engineers who rubber-stamped their desire to drive towards an IAC approach, coupled with a multi-repo approach. This allows us to build once and deploy anywhere to any of our regional AWS accounts as all we need to do is supplement properties into our platform deployment properties build.
Multi Tennant Design
  • Multi Tenancy — Design at a container level, separated into separate ECS clusters and parameterised commodities (like functions, DynamoDB and other assets). This allows you to isolate environments within a VPC, we first realised we needed this to have a separate stack for evolving our architecture.
  • Serverless-first mindset — to coin the AWS CTO — “No server is easier to manage than no server.”Werner Vogel . What does this mean? Well its it means you can focus on the core features you want to build, instead of worrying about managing and operating servers, databases, or storage systems. Ultimately once you have developed patterns and expertise in this space you can move really quickly. It doesn’t mean that you have no operational concerns, just that they are less and abstracted to a different level. Let me give you some of our working examples;
  1. In my programme we needed a local logging stack in EMEA due to local compliance around logging. We assessed existing org SaaS offerings but the data residency remained a key blocker. So my team looked to experiment with a custom logging stack. We quickly spun up a suite of containers to provision the ELK (Elastic Logging) stack. We realised very quickly that we would need to manage this infrastructure, with maintaining EBS (cloud disk space) volumes, containers, clusters, etc. Our team wanted to prioritise other work, so we leveraged a stack using Cognito (to managed federated access), functions and ELK as a service to reduce TCO and operational burden — to me this is a serverless first approach.
  2. Our team also provisioned clusters for running compute, we saw overhead with having to maintain the AMI’s backing clusters. So we added a feature into our templates to allow us to use AWS Fargate from managed EC2. This allowed us the flexibility to fallback where more granular compute options where needed as well as allowing a pathway for AWS to manage our compute reducing operational burden on our teams.

What is our platform?

Evolutionary Architecture

Global Design & Time to Market

Regional Instance Strategy

What is a north star metric and why does it matter?

  1. The Attention Game: How much of your customers’ time can you capture in your product.
  2. The Transaction Game: How many commercial transactions does your user make on your platform.
  3. The Productivity Game: How many high value digital tasks can your customer perform in your product.




Belfast born, proud father and husband to Noelle living in Connemara. Enabling Creativity is my passion. Opinions are my own…

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Ben Steele

Ben Steele

Belfast born, proud father and husband to Noelle living in Connemara. Enabling Creativity is my passion. Opinions are my own…

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