My Positive Tech Predictions for 2021!

1. Rise of a Public Cloud playing Green

Never has it been so easy to provision workloads in the public cloud. It got me wondering, right now we use serverless and other times we run with dedicated compute that’s been provisioned.

Unless you are spending time scaling the later, you will have capacity which isn’t doing anything and burning energy (forget cash 😂).

What if your public cloud workload got an energy rating, like your fridge?!

Whilst I free type; it also makes me think this will inevitably play into a serverless first mindset where you only pay for what you use. The same would apply to energy. That’s not to say you would be ignorant of designing serverless workloads. For instance you still assign resources to a lambda, but then do you need to even call it? Could we see a shift to “green patterns” or green availability zones in the public cloud.

I live in the West of Ireland and right now AWS are buying wind turbine capacity to offset their data centre power usage. BUT this doesn’t necessarily directly power the data centres, but offsets it. Is this good enough? (Maybe ive gone down a rabbit hole here 🙂)

2. Multi Cloud Swings and Roundabouts

I work in technology professional services; personally I would ask anyone adopting a multicloud strategy outside of a vendor product to justify where there business case is for multi cloud. BUT with the public cloud providers outside of AWS maturing I can see a pivot for this to open more.

3. Drone delivery to your garden

In the West of Ireland we are seeing drones now trialing delivery services in Oranmore, Galway. Once drone technology can move outside point to point deliveries, I think we will see a rapid rise in drones operating localised delivery services.

4. Global talent pools

I’m privileged to be working for a fortune 100 company that’s trying to go global. I also work with a team that’s distributed across Ireland and Poland.

I’ve been working remotely now for 5 years and I believe it doesn’t matter where in the world you are if you can get the job done. In a thriving market technology professionals, talent will start to look outside of the large technology centres and start to think about global talent.

5. Evolution of remote working

As companies dump their commercial footprints in 2021. I think we might see more structured options around remote working. If the new norm for technology working is asynchronous working patterns, might we see a new suite if tooling to support a market for these new ways of working?

Will business travel crash as a result of 2020? Which could surely a good thing for those of us with families. The days of the CEO landing in for the day and everyone having to be at their desks is surely over.

I mean who would have thought the office 2020 Christmas party would be remote!!!




Belfast born, proud father and husband to Noelle living in Connemara. Enabling Creativity is my passion. Opinions are my own…

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Ben Steele

Ben Steele

Belfast born, proud father and husband to Noelle living in Connemara. Enabling Creativity is my passion. Opinions are my own…

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